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I have always loved doing things with my hands – things that I could touch. During the summer of 1997, I started taking pottery classes and quickly discovered that making pots brought a calmness and excitement to my life like no other artistic medium. My husband built a kick wheel for me for Christmas in 1997 and, shortly thereafter, I bought a used kiln. I now have a digital kiln that is twice as big as my first kiln and a pottery studio. After retiring in June of 2003, I started making pots just about full time and joined the Thompson Valley Art League.

I attended many classes at the Pottery Studio in Fort Collins, classes at Darryl Baird’s studio, and a glaze chemistry class. I visited the Hopi Indian Reservation to observe pottery making and firing techniques, attended a Robin Hopper Workshop, a Malcolm Davis lecture, a Matt West demonstration, a class from Nancy Zoller - the learning never ends.

Every potter makes pots from their own heart and soul. When you use my pottery, I give you the heart and soul I have put into each piece.


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